Transport and Logistics


Defense and Security


Vehicule robotization

Find your robot

If you are looking for a specific robot, we can help you find it


If you want to use a robot for your business needs, we can help you define the best user scenarios

Proof of Concept

If you want to evaluate a robotic solution, we can build a Proof of Concept

Manufacture your robot(s)

If you need prototypes, we can manufacture them with our network of partners

Exploit your robot(s)

If you need solutions to optimise your robots, we can help you find the right tools using cloud and AI techniques


Off-road and all-terrain Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV) development and robotization.


Robots can help dependent persons in their everyday life, but also be used as tele-medecine devices. We have developed a companion robot (Kompaï), an intelligent walker (robuWALKER) and tele-echography device (ESTELE).

Transport & Logistics

We build fleets of robots transporting goods, in various areas such as factories, hospitals, warehouses, campuses …

  • Autonomous shuttles
  • Indoor and outdoor AGV (Automated Guided Vehicles)


To reduce exploitation costs, human hazards and increase quality, we provides to cleaning contractors 2 types of cleaning robots :

Glass-roof robots

Floor cleaning robots

Vehicle Robotization

We can transform any existing vehicle into a fully autonomous robot.

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