Vivatech 2021

This year, we were at the Vivatech, bringing to the technologics lights our 2 robots specialized on healthcare sector : Kompaï-Care and Kompaï-UV.

Thanks to the Région Nouvelle Aquitaine and the Vivatech staff to offer us thoses stands!

Demonstrations show of the Kompaï-UV

We were lucky to have the access of the centrale stage, and to can demonstrate how to use our news robot, and how it works.

See a part of the show here :

UV-C Lights

Destruction of the bacteria DNA

The power of the UV depends on the time you expose the zone or space.

The longer it lasts, the powerfull it makes, but if you let the minimum time, it is already destroying the DNA Chain, so the bacteria are all dead, and you protected .

Our lamps are very powerfull, 8 time more than the basic one.

Disinfection, in the center of our new habits.

Due to the covid crisis, we had to develop a module for the robot kompaï, answering to this specific need. We developped this robot in partnership with the company Bio-UV, specialised in UV-C disinfection.


A robot made for healthcare establishments


A robot to disinfect spaces